Child Labor...I mean fun!

I know, I know, two posts and no pictures of Eli...what kind of horrible mommy am I?! Ha ha! Recently Eli has become quite interested in our vacuum cleaner. This added to his obsession with pushing everything around poses quite a challenge; it is twice his size! We also have a stick vac and have found that this is a nice compromise. Eli loves to push it around and if he's going to do that, why not turn it on?! He likes the noise and at least he's picking up some dirt while he's having fun...perfect!

Eli's other new obsession is bringing us a books and sitting down to have then read to him. He does this over and over again, pulling out all his books, but usually comes back to this one. His favorite page is in the picture. He turns each page until he comes to the "whoo, whoo" page (a.k.a. dog).

And last but not least, after our trip to the grocery store, Eli decided to help me unpack the groceries! He was being especially helpful as you can see! (What? Store bags after that last post?!! Don't worry, I was reusing some old ones we already had. I also used my flip & tumble bag as well...still love it!)


Amanda said...

Hi Jamie, congratulations on winning WEEK SIX for the Cupcake Courier over at Mommies United! Please email me your address so we can get it mailed out to you!!

Mindy said...

Hi Jaime! I just saw that you won a cupcake courier over on Mommies United and I thought I'd pop by and say congratulations! I expect some yummy and delicious Fairy Cakes at the next playgroup! :):) Yeah for you!!