{How Time Flies}

Naomi is 10 months old and up to many new tricks! She's been working hard this past month on several skills that she showcases only to the lucky. Taking steps certainly tops the list. She has taken up to 9 steps in a row on her own but loves to walk with anyone or anything she can grab. She gets very irritable when you won't give her our fingers to walk with (hmmm, that reminds me of another little monkey!). She adores her squeaky shoes and it only makes her want to walk more! One evening we had to take them off because she was exhausted but wouldn't stop walking!!

She has also become very fond of "big people" food and certainly makes her opinions about baby food known. Most meal times are accompanied by lots of tongues sticking out and spitting the food out which does not meet her standards! Give her any chopped up fruit or most carbs and she's a happy girl though. Can a 10 month old survive on bananas and toast with cream cheese?! I guess we'll find out! "Noames" has also been warming up her vocal chords lately. Anytime we sing Itsty Bitsy Spider (one of her favorites) she sings along in her sweet baby babble. She also sings with me while I'm putting her to bed at night which is one of my favorite things. Who wouldn't love a soft, warm, fuzzy, little head on your shoulder cooing while you sing?!

Our sweet little Noami Boami does have her moments. She is definitely opinionated and isn't shy about sharing it! When we first told her "No", she burst into tears but now, however, when we say it, she just scrunches up her face and wrinkles her nose as if she's disgusted and then tries whatever is again. She does listen pretty well though, she just usually gives it a try or two and then moves on to something new! And just this week we've experienced the back arching and whining! Wow, she's got some strength! But as I tell her (and Eli), "you're not gonna win, so just let me know when you're done!"

Sometimes I still can't believe she is ten months old, or that we even have a little girl for that matter! She has the best 7-toothed grin and giggles at Eli all the time. She is still in love with her big brother and we wouldn't want it any other way. She'll be trying to keep up with him for the rest of her life. I love watching them as they play more and more with each other every day. It's especially fun to hear them laughing together! Soon we'll be planning a 1 year birthday party for this little girl so I'm gonna try to just enjoy all the little things along the way, because time goes way too fast!

Our little swinger

cute little crawling buns

sleepy head

the "disgusted" face

And a few action shots of Miss Noames:

{Snow Hotel}

A few weeks ago we had the great opportunity, thanks to some awesome friends, to spend a few days in Tahoe. We hadn't been to North Shore in years and Eli has been begging to go to the snow, so we jumped at the chance! We could not have ordered up a more perfect location, weather, baby (she slept like a gem all snuggled in her pack-n-play in our bathroom!)...etc! Pops was here visiting so it was nice to be able to take him out of Folsom and enjoy the fresh mountain air. We only spent 2.5 days away, but it was so relaxing and fun that it was super refreshing. Here's a few pictures but I warn you, they might make you jealous! :)

Eli was so excited to see snow that he just climbed on and played in it wherever it was, even just the planters outside our room

the accommodations

first order of business: snowball fights!

Eli decided the best defense was to just turn around and stick his bottom out!

But then he got a bit more brave!

The "Snow King"

We came, we slid, we conquered!!!

My handsome man...love those blues!

Grant's version of the ski lift

Not quite as brave but still a ton of fun!

Naomi was not so fond of the snow...

but did let Grant sled with her down a bunny run!

Eli was calling our hotel the "Snow Hotel" because that's what his friends call the place they go when they stay in the snow. As we were leaving I said to Eli, "Say goodbye to the snow hotel!". He looked at me and said, "We're leaving?!" and I replied, "Yea, we're going back home". You could tell he was trying to be brave and keep a straight face but his eyes got all filled up with tears and he whispered, "bye, bye".

{A Happy Happy Day!}

Eli has been 4 now for 2 weeks and he is very proud of that fact. He somehow manages to work it into most conversations. For example, this weekend we were at a Yard Sale and the lady says she has 4T,5T and 6T clothing for boys if I was intersted. Eli pipes in, "Well....I'm 4, so those would probably fit!" What a silly little guy. He is so full of energy and has a super over-active imagination. We hear endless tales that keep us laughing and guessing; like how he got to pretend to be Jesus and ride a donkey in Sunday school..."a REAL donkey! Actually there were two and they came in all by themselves!" Hmmmm?! For his birthday, Eli chose a rocket theme. I went a little nuts looking at pictures and getting ideas for cakes and goodies. Grant was wondering if it was for Eli or myself...probably a little of both! There's not a whole lot more fun for me, than planning/organzing events, especially a rocket themed 4 year old birthday party for a little boy who totally appreciates details and gets so excited for parties!!!! Here are a few pix. of the fabulous day!

Birthday Crown from school

Rocket cookies that melted in your mouth....YUM!

Happy Birthday my sweet Sunshine. It's hard to believe that you've been a part of our family for four years! It's gone so fast and been super fun! We love you bunches!