{A Happy Happy Day!}

Eli has been 4 now for 2 weeks and he is very proud of that fact. He somehow manages to work it into most conversations. For example, this weekend we were at a Yard Sale and the lady says she has 4T,5T and 6T clothing for boys if I was intersted. Eli pipes in, "Well....I'm 4, so those would probably fit!" What a silly little guy. He is so full of energy and has a super over-active imagination. We hear endless tales that keep us laughing and guessing; like how he got to pretend to be Jesus and ride a donkey in Sunday school..."a REAL donkey! Actually there were two and they came in all by themselves!" Hmmmm?! For his birthday, Eli chose a rocket theme. I went a little nuts looking at pictures and getting ideas for cakes and goodies. Grant was wondering if it was for Eli or myself...probably a little of both! There's not a whole lot more fun for me, than planning/organzing events, especially a rocket themed 4 year old birthday party for a little boy who totally appreciates details and gets so excited for parties!!!! Here are a few pix. of the fabulous day!

Birthday Crown from school

Rocket cookies that melted in your mouth....YUM!

Happy Birthday my sweet Sunshine. It's hard to believe that you've been a part of our family for four years! It's gone so fast and been super fun! We love you bunches!

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Paula said...

Just adore the pictures and what a clever girl you are making such a lovely cake and cookies for all.

Hooray and love to a lovely daughter-in-law and gorgeous grandson. xx