Bottoms Up!

Our cute little monkey is getting quite a work out these days! No, not yoga (downward dog anyone?) but standing himself up every time he falls over. We see more of his cute little behind than anything else it seems. Hopefully his new muscles will balance out the weight of his noggin!


I don't have any cute pics of Eli eating ice cream (if I did it would just be perfect) but I just couldn't keep this info. to myself. For those fellow coupon clippers and deal hunters, thought you'd like to know that today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's! Yes, so run out and get your free cone today. Anything tastes better when its free!

Blood and Guts

Of course I have nothing to compare it with, but I have a sneaky suspicion that boys are just more prone to injury! With Eli's new found freedom of walking has come several very sad moments as well. I can barely handle the crocodile tears and pains now, I can't imagine when its a broken bone or sprain from some sporting event! I started thinking of all he went through this week and the list was quite long. I don't have any photos (I'm not that crazy...yet!) but here are the stats.

Injury List for the week:
Tuesday - bloody nose (sooooooo sad!)*
Friday - burned finger and scraped knuckle (no idea how either occured)*
Saturday - bruised cheek*
Monday - banged lip, bleeding lip (two seperate incidents)*
*Daily bumps and falls that are too many to count

The World is My Oyster!

In a land where exciting discoveries lay waiting round every bend (the laundry basket, a toilet roll...)it seems Eli can't get enough! With his new talent of walking under his belt he gleefully roams the house and yard to see what more he can find. He becomes happier with each step (just like his daddy, I'm told) and closer to trouble by the second! Our house will never be the same. Here's a peak at what he's been up to lately:

A Venture Into New Territory

I have been reading friends' blogs for a few months now and have been tempted to start my own. I've swayed back and forth between wanting to join this "new" craze and not giving in to it (I can be a bit stubborn). After wondering who would actually want to read about our daily activities, the decision of "yes I'll blog" came while scrapbooking with some good friends who convinced me that they would be my faithful "blog followers". So without further ado, welcome to our world! Hope you enjoy the silly tales of our crazy little monkey, Eli (13 months), our Best Bits and Worst Bits of each day and any other fun thing I can think of to include! If you have any comments or want to make any suggestions, please do, as I am a newbie to the blogging community and still have quite a bit to learn.