What Was I Thinking?

So, here I sit thinking, "I should blog, but I don't have anything to blog about" when all of a sudden, I realized that I totally forgot to post some of the best pictures ever! How could I do that? We had family photos and Eli's 2 year photos taken about 2 months ago (http://www.sandyrunner.com/)and I have been so excited to use them to create a new mantel display and also a new wall display that I completely forgot to blog them! So, without further ado:

True personality captured!

Sweet moment with Daddy

Our little "Gee-tar" Man

Thanks Sandy for these amazing shots and for giving me so much to work with in my attempt at redecorating!!

My How Our Garden Grows...and Eli too!

I know, I know, I haven't posted in ages! Sorry. With the weather being so beautiful, I just don't want to sit on the computer and blog! :)

We have, however, been spending a ton of time in our yard and sprucing up the place with foliage, flowers and our vegetable garden! I love the planning part! I love planting things! And most of all, I love watching things grow!

I discovered this spring that our back yard gets very little sun so finding flowering plants was a challenge, but well worth it in the end. We took the one spot that does get a decent amount of sun and created a 4 x 4 garden box and are attempting to grow veggies and fruit! Here are a few pictures of our "landscaping" with containers.

Thanks for the Hostas Jana, its my favorite pot with the pink Impatient accents!

These pots are recovering after we sorted out the drip fiasco

Early stages
Taking over

Lemon Larrys (aka cucumbers)
I love how these little arms reach out and curl around anything!

And of course Eli has been growing like a weed! It seems that he is pretty much a little kid now (baby phase is over for sure, and not much toddler phase left either, I'm afraid). He would spend all his waking hours outside if he could. He often requests to eat lunch and dinner outside which we are happy to oblige, given this amazing "coastal" weather we've been having. He rides his tricycle, loves kicking balls, plays ice hockey (with a baseball bat and ball, of course), creates play dough masterpieces and chases the dogs and bubbles. I never thought I'd love our backyard or having it full of toys, but it all just reminds me of what a happy, silly, loving little boy we have, and that makes it perfect!