Two For One

I have been wanting to post about Easter but after this morning's conversation with Eli I couldn't resist, so here is your 2 for 1 special!!!

Conversation on the way to bible study ~

Eli: Nana Papa Honey

Me: Oh, Nana is Papa's Honey?

Eli: Yes

Me: Who is Nana's Honey?

Eli: Papa!

Me: Who is Mama's Honey?

Eli: Eli!

Me: Oh really? And who is Daddy's Honey?

Eli: Eli!

Me: I see, and who is Eli's Honey?

Eli: Mama!!!

(I'm sure that won't last for long but I'll cherish while I can)

Now on to Easter...

This year we started with Eli's Easter basket at our house and web cam with Grandma, Trevor, Aunty Lulu, Uncle Matt and cousins Jude and Lois. Then went over to my parents' house for lunch and hanging out. My Grandpa and Aunt made the drive which is always special and it is so fun to see Eli with his Great Grandpa. We did manage to squeeze in some egg dying and hunting before the day was done. Eli really got in to the "hunting" part this year and even wanted to hide them again for a second round! He didn't say, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the Easter candy too.

Rock Star

Eli has been fine-tuning his musical talents lately and with the addition of a guitar, tambourine and maracas for his birthday, he is well on his way to being in a one man band! Notice the way he has to hold his head back while he sings... don't know where that's from. Not sure what the first song is but the second is Happy Birthday complete with "tasting" some imaginary cake.

Keepin' It Real

Thanks a lot Daniella! :) I have been tagged to play this lovely little game where you take a picture of yourself at this exact moment with no primping allowed. So, for all you out there that happen to read this post, tag...YOU'RE IT!

I am currently sitting at our desk, bath and bedtime just complete, listening to the peace and quiet, waiting for Grant to come home so we can watch some shows, wondering if I can get the next book tomorrow after just finishing Twilight (which I couldn't put down by the way).

Culinary Delights

Sorry if this grosses anyone out but I have been holding back my laughter (and gag reflex) all during lunch so I had to share it with someone!!!

I made Eli's lunch today (a sandwich and some applesauce) and decided that since his current love for Bob & Larry also includes eating them at meals, that I would make him a little salad. I cut up Bobs (tomatoes) and Larrys (cucumbers) and put a little bit of ranch dressing on them in a bowl. He happily munched on his "friends" and then moved on to the sandwich. I thought he was about done (the antsy seat dance occurring) when he suddenly took his bowl of salad and dumped it into his applesauce. I watched as the ranch dressing and tomato juices ran together with the applesauce and waited for a face as he took the first bite. I'm not sure what my face looked like but he was quite delighted with his new concoction and ate the entire bowl of mixed up yuck, even throwing in a few pickles at the end to finish it off!!! At least he got his fruits and veggies right?!


It is incredibly hard to believe that our little boy just turned 2!!! Or as he would say when asked how old he is "...2...5...2!" (his favorite number sequence as of late?!)

Eli's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year so we spent the day celebrating; Jamba Juice with Daddy, playgroup with friends and then presents and cake with Nana, Papa and our friend Heidi. He really got it this year, that the day was for him, which made it so much fun! He had been practicing his rendition of Happy Birthday the week prior so he was ready when the time came.

Waiting Not-so patiently for our birthday Jamba

How many kids can you cram in one box?

The next rock star?

Still celebrating...

Although we originally said we wouldn't have a party for him until he was old enough to really know what was going on, we quickly realized that he does know and love his friends and certainly likes to party so we invited his friends (and ours) from our bible study and hung out at Chuck E. Cheese on the Saturday following. We made the mistake of telling him we were going there and that we'd have "George" (monkey) cupcakes earlier in the week so of course he kept asking about it all week long. When the time finally came Eli was so excited that he wouldn't even eat lunch. He played games and ran around until we called him over for cupcakes. He wanted to dive right in but as soon as we started singing he joined the chorus and sang to himself before blowing out the candle and devouring the cupcake. What a silly little monkey. And for all you concerned parents and grandparents...we did finally get him to eat a piece of pizza in the car on the way home. That was after two cupcakes and two lolly pops, however!!!

Ping Pong toss

Ski Ball tournament with Eli & Abby

Eli's all time favorite game..."push, broom hockey" (aka air hockey)

Mama's culinary creation "George cu-cakes"

Yum...I've been waiting all week!

None of the kids were shy

Best Buds...chocolate faces and all!

Adios Japan...I mean Sayonara!

Part III

After just feeling like we were getting to know our way around Kyoto, we headed off to a "new home" (as Eli called it) in Hiroshima. Much to our surprise, we found our hotel room to be much more spacious and very nicely located at the edge of the Peace Memorial Park! Since Eli had napped on the train we headed out for the afternoon to explore the park and visit the museum. To be honest it felt a bit strange to me, initially, to be a tourist in a place that my country had so harshly destroyed not that long ago. It was pretty amazing to see it all first hand and to learn more about the city. There were several memorials throughout the park including the Children's Memorial, the Eternal Flame and the remains of one building that had survived the bomb. We took turns touring the museum while the other entertained Eli but it was well worth it.

Children's Memorial (the colorful little "huts" you see are filled with 1000's of paper cranes on strings)

The Arch frames the Eternal Flame and remains known as the A-bomb Dome

The A-bomb Dome - after much deliberation, it was decided that it should not be torn down, but left as a memorial to what the city had endured

The next day we took a much needed "break" day and spent a lazy morning wandering through the city, stopping off at a playground for Eli to run of some energy, looking back at our photos to date, eating some super yummy cookies (discovered them in a convenience store!) and just relaxing. That evening we did the same, stopping off at an Italian restaurant for some pizza and then on to another park. As we said goodbye to Hiroshima the next morning we looked forward to returning to Tokyo to spend our last five days with Hiro and Becky.

With the end of our trip in sight, we wanted to make sure there wasn't anything that was left out. We had a great Indian lunch on Saturday (ask Grant about the all you can eat rice and Naan) and then the guys went to a Public Bath (no photos, sorry). Sunday we all got to go to the zoo. Eli loved all the animals, running around and most of all the "tiny mouse" from the nocturnal animal exhibit. Not sure why that was his favorite but I think it might of had something to do with the fact that it was running around crazily which he found very silly! That evening we took these crazy "photo booth" pictures (way more sophisticated than our Fair booths), played at an arcade, and then ate at a noodle place.

Grant (Gorilla), Hiro (little Gorilla) & Eli (look closely it looks like he has three legs)

Happy noodle eaters

The beloved "Hiwo & Beby"

Monday evening Hiro and Becky graciously offered to stay in while Grant and I went out after Eli was in bed so we got to experience a little of Tokyo's night life. We walked the streets took in all the crazy lights, sounds, colors, etc. and had a drink. We are pretty sure everyone in the bar was making fun of us (not sure why) but you know when you just get that feeling with people speaking in different languages, looking at you and then at each other...
We spent our last full day in Tokyo doing our last sightseeing at Asakusa and then taking a boat ride. Eli loved being on the water and seeing all the other boats. That evening we met Hiro at a toy store near where he works in Shibuya and Eli was in a world of his own! Then we met up with Becky and had one last hurrah at TGIFridays for dinner. Good drinks, good food and great company!

Eli in Choo Choo heaven

Becky & I (bottom right) by one of the busiest street crossings. Its only a Tuesday night, look at all the people!!!

Our trip was amazing. Far better than we could have ever expected. We got to experience so many new things, learn about a new culture and best of all visit with good friends we hadn't seen in almost two years! Can't wait for you guys to come visit next, "Hiwo & Bepy"...We miss you already.

One tired, worn out little world traveler quite happy to be sitting in his own car seat eating Subway and chips heading home