Two For One

I have been wanting to post about Easter but after this morning's conversation with Eli I couldn't resist, so here is your 2 for 1 special!!!

Conversation on the way to bible study ~

Eli: Nana Papa Honey

Me: Oh, Nana is Papa's Honey?

Eli: Yes

Me: Who is Nana's Honey?

Eli: Papa!

Me: Who is Mama's Honey?

Eli: Eli!

Me: Oh really? And who is Daddy's Honey?

Eli: Eli!

Me: I see, and who is Eli's Honey?

Eli: Mama!!!

(I'm sure that won't last for long but I'll cherish while I can)

Now on to Easter...

This year we started with Eli's Easter basket at our house and web cam with Grandma, Trevor, Aunty Lulu, Uncle Matt and cousins Jude and Lois. Then went over to my parents' house for lunch and hanging out. My Grandpa and Aunt made the drive which is always special and it is so fun to see Eli with his Great Grandpa. We did manage to squeeze in some egg dying and hunting before the day was done. Eli really got in to the "hunting" part this year and even wanted to hide them again for a second round! He didn't say, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the Easter candy too.

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