Rock Star

Eli has been fine-tuning his musical talents lately and with the addition of a guitar, tambourine and maracas for his birthday, he is well on his way to being in a one man band! Notice the way he has to hold his head back while he sings... don't know where that's from. Not sure what the first song is but the second is Happy Birthday complete with "tasting" some imaginary cake.



daniella said...

done like a true rockstar! he looks like such a little manly man too.

daniella said...

Yes! Yes! Please fly out here, we'd LOVE to have you over. It's absolutely gorgeous here in the summer and we'll be your personal tour guides :-) Besides, I don't think I'll make it to CA before the baby comes.

I'm in love with Edward. Just sayin'.

The Runner Bunch said...

Seriously hilarious!!! I was dying of laughter watching this. I love the birthday cake art and when the strap was stuck on his diaper. So funny!

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed - what a little character. It is lovely to see him and just wish I could hold him more. Keep 'em coming Jaime
Paula xxx