Culinary Delights

Sorry if this grosses anyone out but I have been holding back my laughter (and gag reflex) all during lunch so I had to share it with someone!!!

I made Eli's lunch today (a sandwich and some applesauce) and decided that since his current love for Bob & Larry also includes eating them at meals, that I would make him a little salad. I cut up Bobs (tomatoes) and Larrys (cucumbers) and put a little bit of ranch dressing on them in a bowl. He happily munched on his "friends" and then moved on to the sandwich. I thought he was about done (the antsy seat dance occurring) when he suddenly took his bowl of salad and dumped it into his applesauce. I watched as the ranch dressing and tomato juices ran together with the applesauce and waited for a face as he took the first bite. I'm not sure what my face looked like but he was quite delighted with his new concoction and ate the entire bowl of mixed up yuck, even throwing in a few pickles at the end to finish it off!!! At least he got his fruits and veggies right?!

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daniella said...

Like my dad always said when I'd complain of my food "touching" as a kid: "Huh, it goes in the same place, tastes the same way while going down, and eventually comes out anyways!".

Ew. Now that's more gross than your story. I still can't get Chuck to eat ANY veggies. Does ketchup count? Because she'll it it by the packet.