{A bunch of Stuff}

I have been trying to be a good Mommy and take as many pictures of Naomi as we did of Eli, but I have already failed! Its just so hard to remember...sorry little one! I did manage to capture a few cute ones that show off her new smile. She has become quite the little talker, cooing and experimenting with her vocal chords and gives us big grins when we talk to her. She can be grumping and fussing and as soon as you sit and start talking to her, she just smiles away. What a little stinker. Apparently we have two kids that need our constant attention/interaction. When will they be able to entertain each other?! These pictures are of Naomi talking to Daddy!

Our little monkey continues to make us laugh. He's a great big brother with a huge imagination! We are surprised daily by what he comes up with. Today he decided to give Naomi's play mat a try. Without even a word or glance at us, he climbs under the arch and starts playing away with the toys...although he wanted more of a challenge so used his hands and feet at the same time!

Another funny Eli story: Eli likes to pray before dinner. Usually his prayer consists of:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, thank you for this food, we love you Amen!"

A week or so ago, he said he wanted to pray and ever since then we've had some variation of this:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, thank you for this food, please keep the kids in Africa safe while they cross the road from the police man...Amen"

Not exactly sure what that last part means, but we are guessing they prayed for the kids in Africa in one of his Sunday School classes. Regardless of the exact wording, it definitely melts my heart to hear him praying for the kids in Africa!