{Theology Of A 3 Year Old}

In the car on the way home from bible study:

Eli: Jesus is in the sky!

Me: Yep, Jesus and God are in Heaven

Eli: Is Rocket there too? (Rocket is a friend's beloved dog that passed away)

Me: Well, yeah, Rocket is probably with Jesus

Eli: "Is Jesus taking care of Rocket, making him feel better?"

Me: "In heaven, everyone feels better. There are no more ouchies"

Eli: "Will Jesus make him better and then send him back?"

Me: "No, once you are with Jesus you stay with Jesus"

Eli: "I want to see him"

Me: "Who? Rocket?"

Eli: "No, Jesus!"

Me: "Oh, well, we can't see him right now, because we are on earth, but if we love Jesus and believe in God, someday when we die, we will get to see him. But for now we can learn about him and pray to him"

Eli: "Maybe next time I fly on an airplane, after England, I will fly up to see Jesus. But then I'll come back!"

{Little Cutie Pie}

Each day I marvel at Naomi's sweet disposition! She is such a happy little camper and gives us the biggest smiles when we stop and chat with her. She has started giggling and is very ticklish under her chin and on her rib cage. She has started demanding attention now, and letting us know when we've been ignoring her too long. She doesn't realize she's competing with Eli! :) I'm not sure she's gonna win that one.

"Look Ma, no hands!"

"What up?"

{Mr. Meeting}

I guess I've been going to a lot of meetings lately. I didn't realize it, but Eli has obviously noticed because for the last three rest times, he has been busy packing his backpack for his meetings. He only packs the essentials of course: Computer (aka Winnie the Pooh book), Bible, doggie, tennis shoes and socks, jean shorts and of course blankie. He is also careful not to forget to wear his hat, "in case the sun gets on my hair!"

He is so stinkin' cute all packed up, hat on head, backpack on shoulders! Yesterday he told me he was going to take his money "because it takes a lot of money to go to a meeting in England!" Yes it does, Eli, yes it does! Without further ado, here he is all packed up and ready to go.

He takes his meetings seriously! Doesn't he look so grown up?