{Theology Of A 3 Year Old}

In the car on the way home from bible study:

Eli: Jesus is in the sky!

Me: Yep, Jesus and God are in Heaven

Eli: Is Rocket there too? (Rocket is a friend's beloved dog that passed away)

Me: Well, yeah, Rocket is probably with Jesus

Eli: "Is Jesus taking care of Rocket, making him feel better?"

Me: "In heaven, everyone feels better. There are no more ouchies"

Eli: "Will Jesus make him better and then send him back?"

Me: "No, once you are with Jesus you stay with Jesus"

Eli: "I want to see him"

Me: "Who? Rocket?"

Eli: "No, Jesus!"

Me: "Oh, well, we can't see him right now, because we are on earth, but if we love Jesus and believe in God, someday when we die, we will get to see him. But for now we can learn about him and pray to him"

Eli: "Maybe next time I fly on an airplane, after England, I will fly up to see Jesus. But then I'll come back!"

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Mama Lake said...

Aww, they are so sweet! I love how simple things are to them:)

I just saw on facebook that you have a blog and started following... I am new to the blog world!