(Sweet N' Sassy)

Naomi is 1! It seems like she's been a part of our family forever, but at the same time it is impossible that she is 1 already! At 12 months she is a busy little girl and desperately tries to keep up with her brother. I have a feeling we'll have the "anything you can do, I can do better" mentality from both sides...how'd we end up with two stubborn, competitive kids? Don't answer that! :)

Naomi is super expressive and her silly, shy, coy, surprised, mad faces crack us up! She is a dancer and shakes her hips and bootie anytime she loves the song. Her current favorite is "Summer Girl" from the movie soundtrack Country Strong. That song will instantly put a smile on her face and make her dance! She is working on several words including 'Da Da', Gaw (dog), Uh-oh, Nana (banana). She is obsessed with dogs and is sure to point out any furry animal with an enthusiastic "GAW, GAW" and smiles. Other tricks include giving kisses, high-fives and waves. She is such a sweet little girl and I love her soft little head and the few cuddles I can sneak in when she slows down enough to give them out!

Unfortunately her birthday was a bit dramatic! We went to a park and Eli held Naomi on his lap while they went down the slide. About half way down, her leg got caught up under her and she started crying and wouldn't put any weight on it the whole morning. I knew she needed to see a doctor but the earliest they could get her in was 3:30pm! So, we ate lunch and carried on with the plan of going to Babies R Us to buy her some birthday shoes with Nana. We figured we could still try shoes on her foot that wasn't hurt and keep her entertained at the same time! It worked and then we headed to the doctor. They took x-rays and said they thought it might be fractured. We got a TINY air cast and made an appointment for two days later at the Peds Fracture Clinic. It was so sad to see her in the cast and not able to walk. She was getting so frustrated. Thankfully, we were given the "all clear" at the clinic and they said it was probably just a sprain and she'd be fine! It took her about two weeks to gain back her full confidence in walking and for her limp to go away. We were so happy it was not broken!

So without further ado, our sweet, cute, funny, adorable (I can say that cause I'm her mom!) and sometimes a bit of a stink pot, little girl!

Eli's handwritten card to Naomi...so sweet!

Naomi loves Eli's blue version of this cup, so we knew exactly what to get her!

Between these photos and the next, were the traumatic events of the day which I didn't capture on film, sorry!

Eli serenading us!

{Lil' Graduate}

Eli started preschool in January and he loves it! And we love it too! The teachers are awesome and it has a great "old-school" feel, you know, like when we were in preschool! :) On Eli's last day of school, they had a little ceremony with the parents and kids where each student got a special book made up of things they'd done throughout the year and a specially decorated pencil to use for practicing letter writing this summer. Afterwards we took Eli out for a McDonald's lunch. So fun!