Gettin' It Done!

At the beginning of March, Grant declared the month "Get it done" month. We've had a list of projects that we've been wanting to do but just hadn't found the time to organize it or accomplish it ourselves. But with Spring (and a new baby) approaching, tax returns in the bank, we set off on our mission. Most of my things included decorating projects that hadn't been completed while Grant's revolved around home construction projects. A few of the items had to spill over into April (I will never understand contractors!) but they are finally done!

I bought these cardboard letters almost a year ago and just now covered them using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. love the way they turned out! Worth the wait!

The completed mantel makeover!

Ever since Grant saw our neighbor's house that had cabinets built into this half wall, its been on our list. Well...they are finally done and we love them! Hooray for extra storage!!!!
And just because I couldn't cute is our little snuggle bug?!

Other items accomplished:
- New backyard fence
- New door put in from garage to backyard
- Painted letters for Naomi to add to bedroom wall
- I'm up to 10 months in Eli's babybook!!!!!
- Purchased fabric to make bedskirt (still have to sew it though!)