I "Guggle"

Eli is quite fascinated with a new trick Papa showed him...juggling. Eli giggles and dances in place as my dad juggles and now Eli has decided he can "guggle" too! He gathers all his small balls up, tries to hold three at once, and then moves his arms up and down, releasing the balls at some point. Anytime he sees my dad or his smaller balls we hear "I guggle", "Papa", "Guggle"...

A future in the circus perhaps?!

One of those Weeks!

Well, its been a while since I blogged and really, I can't think of anything to write about! We went down to visit my good friend Jana last week and had a blast, but didn't take any pictures...bummer! Our weekend was full of chores and completing projects that need to be done...again, no pictures! And now this week has been fast and furious with long days (Eli is an early bird these days) and early bedtimes...for all of us!

So, nothing terribly exciting, except that I am sewing away working on my tote bags whenever I get a free moment, I get to scrapbook tomorrow night (maybe I'll finish 2007), and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Grant's mum comes to visit next week, and my sister and her husband are driving up for the weekend as well so we'll have lots of guests to share our 23 lb. turkey with and tons of fun while we do it! Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings!!!

Business Adventure...

OK, so I am so excited that I couldn't wait. I have decided to embark on a little "mompreneur" adventure and see what comes of it. As many of you know I love scrap booking, jewelry making and most things crafty, including sewing. To date, I have only made things for myself or for gifts, but recently thought "hey, if I like it, maybe others will too!".
All this to say, stay tuned because you will be seeing my new line of tote bags soon. Here are just a few of the yummy fabrics I'm working with in case you are curious...

Big Bed Fun

Over Labor Day Weekend, Grant and I found a toddler sized bunk bed at the Hume Country Fair for only $10!!!! So, even though Eli is still months away from sleeping in a big bed, we scooped up the bargain and painted it white to match his room. The frame has been set up in his room for a month or so and Eli has enjoyed climbing up and over, under and around the bed. Well, we just recently bought a mattress for it and now it's one of his favorite places to play, read books and just hang out. He's also big on pretending to go Night Night in his new bed and proudly shows anyone that comes over to visit. I got to see it four times in about 20 minutes he was so excited!

Look Mama!

So Comfy!

"Night Night"

19 Months

I have been trying to get Eli's photos taken every three months which means 18 months would have been the next set, but we were a little late so 19 months it is! It is hard to believe how fast he grows and changes. Looking at his last pictures, he looks so much more "little boy" than only a few months ago! He is up to all sorts of crazy things and continues to amaze, and entertain, us daily. His learning curve seems to be on overdrive which makes it hard to catch you up on all his new tricks, so here are just a few new things and cute stories. Not to mention a few of the fabulous photos that my friend Sandy took while chasing Eli around our backyard. Thanks Sandy!

Eli has been big on recapping lately. If he gets hurt of something happens, he wants to make sure you didn't miss any of it. A typical Eli story might go something like this...
"Mama, down...(indistinguishable babble) oweeeee...boom....mamma (more indistinguishable babble accompanied by several hand motions).

He is also starting to string multiple words together such as:
up please
Thank you
mama down
uh-oh (don't know if that's technically two words but it sound so cute)
meow down
lililililililili (this is how he says, "Kitty, kitty, kitty", but it just ends up sounding like he's rolling his tongue)

Cute Story:
The other morning Eli and I were playing in the living room and out of the blue he says, "Dada hot". And I say, "Daddy is in the office, I don't think he's hot". This did not satisfy because he continued to say, "Dada hot". I asked him to show me and he pulls me into the kitchen and asks to be picked up. When I pick him up, he quickly points to our electric kettle and says again, "Dada hot". I then realize that he wants to make Daddy a cup of tea like we did a few days earlier, so I say, "Do you want to make Daddy some tea?" and Eli says very firmly, "tea"! So we proceeded to make Daddy a cup of tea and deliver it to him in the office. What a silly little boy we have.