Big Bed Fun

Over Labor Day Weekend, Grant and I found a toddler sized bunk bed at the Hume Country Fair for only $10!!!! So, even though Eli is still months away from sleeping in a big bed, we scooped up the bargain and painted it white to match his room. The frame has been set up in his room for a month or so and Eli has enjoyed climbing up and over, under and around the bed. Well, we just recently bought a mattress for it and now it's one of his favorite places to play, read books and just hang out. He's also big on pretending to go Night Night in his new bed and proudly shows anyone that comes over to visit. I got to see it four times in about 20 minutes he was so excited!

Look Mama!

So Comfy!

"Night Night"


Mindy said...

Wow! What a bargain! It's great that he loves it'll help with the transition out of the crib. Good find!

Sara said...

I love that bed! Too bad it's a one of a kind, you did a great job making it look new and worth a lot more than 10 bucks!

It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

What a cool bed! I can tell that Eli is in love with his new furniture. Many years of use to come too, I am sure. Miss you guys.