{Hume Lake or Bust!}

We just got back from a fabulous, refreshing, clean air, blue sky, perfect weather vacation at Hume Lake! Jealous?! Seriously, it was not a perfect vacation (picture getting no sleep due to a 6 week old and then having to entertain a 3 year old during the day, who did sleep all night long!), but it was so nice to be up in God's creation and spending time together as a family, learning to be a family of four. Boat rides, beach fun, walks, mastering driving a golf cart with two kids on board, swimming, disk golf, reading and of course, ice cream!

Our vacation was even more special because our friend's Hiro and Becky, who were here from Japan visiting family, drove up to Hume just to see us! It was really special having them up there and we had a great time! Wish it could have been a longer visit, but feel blessed that we've been able to see them on a regular basis, while living on two different continents!

There are a ton of photos from our trip, but I'll try to narrow it down! On second thought, with two kids now and a digital camera...just sit back and enjoy!

I love how Eli is twiddling Naomi's hair and she's oblivious!


Facepainting at Huckleberry House Day camp

Our brave little diver:

New best friend

Pure Bliss...it fell on the ground about 30 seconds after this photo was taken! Don't worry, we got another, just not so big!


I meant to post these photos before we left on vacation for two weeks, but forgot! Whoops! Wonder how that happened?! Anyways, our little Naomi sporting her Costco summer deal and some super, duper, adorable little shoes from Auntie Lis! Can't wait to start putting her in shoes. She has quite the collection already!

{Super Daddy}

For the past 3 1/2 weeks Grant and I have been stumbling over the words "the kids"! It feels incredibly strange to say and also to hear. We have two kids...how did that happen?! Well, my wonderful hubby has done a fantastic job in the role of Daddy, as we navigate these new waters, and he continues to amaze me more and more. Whether its playing with Eli, burping/changing Naomi, doing laundry or dishes or just making me laugh in these crazy, sleep deprived days...it's nice to have such a great teammate! So, this post is only a few weeks overdue, but Happy Father's Day Babe! I love you!