{They're Done!}

I am so thankful to our friend Sandy for taking our latest family photos! I was so excited the day we took them and even more so now that I see them all in "print"!!!!!! We wanted new family photos so that we could have some nice ones of the four of us, a few of the kids together and also to capture Naomi's 6 month stage. I think we were sucessful and Sandy even snuck in a few of Eli by himself and of just Grant and I. Thank you! Thank you! I am so thrilled with the way they turned out!

Our little "Noami-Boami"

Big Brother and Little Sis

Our Monkey

Our Family of Four

Just the Two of Us

{...and a few more}

This a bit "Benjamin Button-ish" I realize (working backwards for those that don't know the story) but I came across these pictures of Christmas Eve and wanted to post them. I figured you wouldn't mind! This Christmas Eve was an extra special day for our family. We spent the morning at my parents' house putting together "goodie" bags that we'd planned to hand out to the homeless on Christmas morning. Eli had a blast running around the living room placing (sometimes throwing) the items into the bags until they were stuffed with food, toiletries, etc. and then we closed them up with a candy cane and message about our Savior. That evening we attended the Christmas Eve service at our church as a family and then had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at my parents' house afterwards. What an amazing day!

{What Goes Around Comes Around}

The doggie bucket "hat" returns! It really is the perfect accessory! I couldn't resist sharing both photos of Eli and Naomi (both around 6.5 months) in their doggie "hat". Naomi is 7 months now and going strong. She just got her first tooth (whew! That was a rough 3 days!) and she is desperate to be on the move and to keep up with Eli but she's got a few tricks to learn yet before that happens. I'm sure it will be soon though! We are seeing more of her personality emerge and I'm afraid she's going to be as animated/dramatic as Eli, and maybe even more! Not sure how we ended up with two....

Here are few more recent photos of our little "Noami-Boami" as we call her! She's been testing our her flexibility lately.