So Much!

If I began to list the things that I am thankful for, the list would go on and on. But this year as my Mom, Sister and I were planning the meal and looking forward to hanging out, I realized that I am most thankful for my wonderful family! God has blessed me with amazingly supportive and loving parents as well as a sister that I couldn't live without. Throw in a pretty awesome brother-in-law, a handsome best friend for my husband and a super silly little boy and that's my family! I am truly blessed!!!


Last Sunday we ventured out to the Model Rail Faire in Roseville. My Dad and Eli were most excited, and the rest of us just enjoyed the weather and the yummy lunch at The Habit afterwards!!! It was pretty amazing to see all the intricate little (sometimes huge) train sets with all the trimmings. Eli was most fascinated by the real working mini steam engines, riding the train below and getting to drive a model train all by himself. My Dad was dreaming of where and how he could set up a permanent working model train at their house and Grant and I were laughing at the fact that 90% of the people there were men over the age of 75!!!

Eli "Chuggin'" with his right arm

Before the train left the station

It's the Simple Things

After a few months of trying to avoid the peeling "non-stick" substance that was practically jumping off our wok and a few weeks of worrying what it might do to us if we ingest too much, I put my foot down (well, it didn't really take that much convincing) and headed out for a new pan. We lucked out and found this lovely 5.5 qt pan at Costco for only $21.99. I just have to say I LOVE it! Makes me feel like I'm a co-host on Rachel Ray.

P.S After we sat down for dinner tonight (spaghetti bolognese), Eli spears a lone onion on his fork and takes his first bite. His response? "Awe Yuck!!!" What every mother longs to hear in regards to her home cooked meal. :)

Then & Now

The other day I was raking leaves in our backyard and getting a little frustrated that Eli was undoing my work as fast as I could do it when I had de-ja-vu! Pile of leaves, blue shirt, cheeky little boy...I traded my rake for the camera and started snapping away. When I compared them later I was amazed at how much Eli has grown in two years but how much he still has the same expressions! I hope the sparkle in his eye never goes away!

While the Cat's Away....

Two weeks ago, while Daddy was off pretending to be 15 at the Men's retreat (see guest blog below) Eli and I had some great hang out time. With four days to fill, some of us lone Mommies decided that we might need an outing to keep our sanity so we headed to the pumpkin farm. What an adventure. There was more to see, do, hear and eat than we could have ever taken in, but the kids had a blast, the Mommies got some adult conversation and hang out time and everyone was exhausted....mission accomplished!

Eli feeding the "soft ones"
Choo Chooooooo.......
Hold on tight!
The rest of the gang