Eli keeps Grant and I laughing most days and it makes me sad to think that I have probably already forgotten some of the funny stories. I know I won't be able to write them all down, but here are the latest few:

  • Eli is a singing fool and loves to sing real songs as well as made up ones. Lately he loves to sing a football chant (which of course requires us to join in). I wish you could hear it, but it basically involves singing "Ole" over and over again very loudly while clapping! When the mood strikes him he just starts singing and makes sure we aren't left out. I'm sure we've made many passing cars laugh as we all sing and clap as loudly as we can.

  • I was eating some mixed nuts in the car and Eli wanted to try one. He hasn't liked nuts in the past, so I explained he could try it but might not like it. I gave him a peanut and his response was, "Mommy, it has peanut butter inside!"

  • Almost nightly after Eli has gone to bed he calls out for water. We should learn our lesson, I suppose, and just send him to bed with a cup of water but we don't. Lately, however, he has been asking for water, but not for himself. He makes sure that doggie has water every night, "but not with ice, cause doggie doesn't like ice."

  • As most of you know, Eli has affectionately named our little girl "Baby Shruggit". The other day we were asking him to repeat a few girl names back to us. After he said each name he would say, "what? what is it?" and we told him they were names we were thinking of naming our new baby girl. He responded, "Ohhhhh, no, my baby sister's name is Shruggit!" as if we had completely forgotten that the name had already been decided.

2010...Ready Or Not, Here We Come!!!

I have been feeling the Blogger blues as of late. Don't know why, just doesn't feel like there's much to say. However, our life has been going full steam ahead with fun times, silly things and lots of Holiday festivities to keep us busy so I'm not sure where the lull is coming from. Maybe I'm just tired! :)

We had a fantastically mellow Christmas with my family and Eli was definitely in the Christmas spirit this year and loved every minute of it. Today he told me he wished he could have another advent calendar! I'm sure it had more to do with the fact that he got to eat chocolate every morning for 24 days in December, than anything else! The "Scrylerbs" as we affectionately call my immediate family now (Scrantons, Tylers, Herbs...established in that order) had a second year of matching "cozies". I'm wondering if there's a tradition forming...Dad?! Eli thinks this is great, of course, and requests (or rather requires) all of us to have them on at the the same time!

And on to the new year....

We have lots to look forward to this year. Eli will be 3 in March and will become a big brother in June! We have been talking to him more and more about this new baby that will be a part of our family and I'm not sure he's convinced. A few weeks ago I asked him if he was excited to have a new baby soon and he said, "I don't want a baby! I want a little boy that can run around!" I fear we'll have lots of disappointment on our hands when the baby is born...a baby! Tonight we asked him if he'd like a baby brother or baby sister. After assuring us he'd rather have a "boy that can run around" than a baby, he says, "a baby boy...cause that's the rules!" And his choice for names? Shrugget! He often uses this name when he's playing but we're pretty sure that one will get vetoed!

Christmas excitement

Testing out his new wheels

Breeaking in his New Year's Eve dancing shoes!