Eli keeps Grant and I laughing most days and it makes me sad to think that I have probably already forgotten some of the funny stories. I know I won't be able to write them all down, but here are the latest few:

  • Eli is a singing fool and loves to sing real songs as well as made up ones. Lately he loves to sing a football chant (which of course requires us to join in). I wish you could hear it, but it basically involves singing "Ole" over and over again very loudly while clapping! When the mood strikes him he just starts singing and makes sure we aren't left out. I'm sure we've made many passing cars laugh as we all sing and clap as loudly as we can.

  • I was eating some mixed nuts in the car and Eli wanted to try one. He hasn't liked nuts in the past, so I explained he could try it but might not like it. I gave him a peanut and his response was, "Mommy, it has peanut butter inside!"

  • Almost nightly after Eli has gone to bed he calls out for water. We should learn our lesson, I suppose, and just send him to bed with a cup of water but we don't. Lately, however, he has been asking for water, but not for himself. He makes sure that doggie has water every night, "but not with ice, cause doggie doesn't like ice."

  • As most of you know, Eli has affectionately named our little girl "Baby Shruggit". The other day we were asking him to repeat a few girl names back to us. After he said each name he would say, "what? what is it?" and we told him they were names we were thinking of naming our new baby girl. He responded, "Ohhhhh, no, my baby sister's name is Shruggit!" as if we had completely forgotten that the name had already been decided.


Mindy said...

You have me laughing out loud here Jaime! Adorable! Wow. Eli's cuteness never ceases to amaze me. I like how he makes sure his doggie has the appropriate water--no ice. Very caring little boy.

daniella said...

And this is why I blog; to read such stories and jot down some of Charlie's. He's such a funny little fella! Definitely not a dull day with him, I can immagine.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jaime thank goodness for technology, blogs and active daughter-in-laws. Stories like this just make my day for grandmas who cannot see too much of their grandchildren. Oh how I miss seeing more of the little man and you guys. Just keep 'em coming as it makes me smile, no laugh - just love the blogs and love you guys. Paula xxx