{A Little Recap}

Ummm, so if you still check this blog you might have noticed that its been a LONG while since I've blogged anything. I hadn't actually reaized how long until I logged into blogger and it said my last post was August '11!!!! Yikes, that's bad! So, there is no way that I'll be able to remember everything but I'll just bombard you with a bunch of photos and maybe you'll forgive me?! I'd like to promise that 2012 will be better but after downloading pictures from my camera today and noticing that I haven't even created my 2012 picture folder yet, it's not looking very good. :) Without further ado, the last few months:

August/September -

Cabo with great friends was sooooo much fun!!!!

Escaping the heat at McDonalds

The kids keeping themselves entertained

Most of our time was spent between three pools

Beach in front of our hotel

Our hotel

Date Night (those were actually both mine, it was buy 1 get 1 free. Grant had 2 beers but those are not as photogenic!)

beautiful beach but the under current was crazy. We had to stand guard when the kids wanted to play in the water. There were also loads of sand crabs!!!

September/October -

Me, Rebekah, Megan, Sandy & Danielle at Women's Retreat at Hume

The guys went later that month to a Men's Retreat at Hume

November -

Grant went on a mission trip called Casas por Cristo (Houses for Christ)

Split into five groups, they each built two houses in two days

Cutest piggies in town!

December -

My attempt at a Christmas photo...


The best I could manage!

Family Christmas photo at our Christmas Eve service

The highlight of Christmas morning!

One very silly boy

Just the Tylers opening stockings

The expressions say it all...

December/January -

Christmas continued at Hume Lake with the Scrantons and Herbs. We also participated in the Family Camp that took place over new year's weekend at Hume.

Delicious stuffed french toast breakfast

Eli beating Mommy, Aunty Jen, Nana & Naomi at Mario Kart

The annual "Scrylerb Christmas Jammie" photo

One of the out takes

Just the boys

Who shrunk Daddy & Eli

Eli being silly but then.....

Little sister joins in!

January -

Grant has been taking care of our neighbor's yard and removing some foliage...

this time it was a 44 ft tree!

February -

Because we rush out the door three days a week to get to preschool on time, jammie mornings are pretty fun for these two. Still a crazy monkey!

Sporting some stylish shades and some serious bed head!

Side view

From the back

Check back in June for more updates...just kidding, I'll try to squeeze one in between now and then!