If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Not sure if everyone is familiar with that children's book, but I have often said that that is my mom's and my life theme. Well, it must be catching because two weeks ago Grant decided to make a list. It all started with me repainting the table and chair set for Eli's room (see post below). I like to think I must have inspired him because he then set out to accomplish all those annoying things that you think about doing, but just never do, or projects that were started but not finished. One task led to another and the following list got completed:

~ paint Eli's table and chairs
~ find place to store Eli's crib
~ buy plywood to place under mattress for more support
~ get rid of king box springs on Craigslist
~ clean out garage
~ buy/install cabinet for above toilet
**while looking at cabinets at Lowe's, Grant says how nice the white cabinet would look against painted walls**
~ paint bathroom walls (my job, by the way!)
~ shop for/purchase night stands and dresser

Just about the only thing we would have liked to have done but didn't get to, was sand and repaint our ledge between the living room and the dining room. I guess we'll put that on the next list..."If you give a moose a muffin"

I'm Not Sure I'm Ok With This!

I mentioned that I would post photos of the table and chairs that I refinished for Eli's room and here it is finally! I painted them to match the kitchen hutch that I refinished for him at Christmas time (see photo below). The whole set was built by my Great Grandpa for my Aunt, then passed down to me, and now gives Eli tons of fun!

I also took a few more photos so you could see his new "big boy room" although I am hesitant to call it that, cause I'm just not sure that I'm ready to accept that he is turning into one! It is hard to miss (size 9 shoes, talking my ear off, hearing "no, I do it!" all day long) but still sad just the same. The only consolation is the snuggly morning and pre-bed times that I get that remind me that he still needs me!

Mail Call

Eli has been surprised twice in the last week by special deliveries from Grandma! The first package was full of Mr. Men/Little Miss books and Eli loved them. We had to sit right down and read them all of course. His favorite is Mr. Chatterbox...wonder why?!!!!!

Then a few days later he got another package. We could barely get in the door before he started ripping it open. Thomas cupcakes!!!!! It was about 20 minutes until dinner, but of course we had to make them right then and there. The packet included everything we needed to make the cakes and fun decorations as well. I managed to convince him that we'd bake them, eat dinner, and then eat the cupcakes (in that order). He complied and got to work as soon as he'd finished his last bite of food. Thanks Grandma for the yummy treat and the fun we had making them!!!

A leftover decoration we couldn't let go to waste!

You Do The Math

Big boy underwear + Stickers + Skittles = Sleeping in toddler bed?????

Not sure exactly what happened, but we set out to potty train and instead accomplished switching from crib to toddler bed! Now you have to understand that Eli LOVES his crib! He would request to get in there just to hang out and play during the day. His safe haven I guess! But the Monday we started potty training, he sat on his bunk bed for stories and didn't protest when I laid him down for nap there. In the past, he adamantly requested his crib and refused to sleep in his bunk bed (which has been in his room for almost a year now), but on Monday all that changed. Each sleep time I held my breath waiting for him to request his crib, but he didn't. On Saturday, Grant took it down and there wasn't much concern about it! Now we have a fun table and chair set in there to play with along with his bunk bed. I'll post pictures of his new "big boy room" once I've repainted the table and chairs.

Update on the potty training - we are back in diapers. I'm not too worried. It was a valiant effort and Eli did great, he just doesn't know when he needs to go, so we are going to take a break until he's a bit more ready. Also, after filling up his whole potty chart in just 3 days (remember the skittles motivation?) we realized it was going to be quite expensive if he got a new train engine every time he filled up a chart! Who knew Gordon cost $21!!!!!!

Camp Potty

Day 1 & 2:
After putting it off all summer (for very good reasons of course) we jumped onto the potty wagon! I had been trying to hype it up for Eli telling him all the exciting things we'd get like Thomas underwear, stickers for a chart and a special treat for when he went. He seemed to be on board but then once at the store to purchase these items, he was more interested in everything else and didn't really seem to care who was on his underwear. A few executive decisions and $30 worth of potty training supplies later, we were headed home!

Yesterday, right out of the starting gate, Eli says he wants to pee. As soon as he sits down, he does, and then proceeds to ask for his special treat. We cheered and put a sticker on the chart. Then in the next five minutes, we repeated it all again...twice! He was bound and determined to get those skittles, even if he had to force it out. As Grant said, "hopefully he doesn't get a hemorrhoid!" Thankfully it slowed down a bit after that and we spent the rest of the day outside (less clean up)! Eli loved playing in his underwear and only had two accidents!!!

Today Eli was just as determined to get skittles and has had only one accident so far. He seemed to be getting a little tired of me interrupting his play every 30 min., but he still complied. Hopefully things continue in this direction! I have had to rethink my rewards system though. I initially thought I would give him a bigger treat (an engine from the Thomas collection) after he filled up a row with stickers. I didn't anticipate him squeezing out every last drop just for skittles though, so now he has to fill up the whole chart!

Also, this might be pure coincidence but he has also slept in his big boy bed three times now starting yesterday at nap (which he has previously refused to sleep in)! Maybe all this "big boy" talk has sunk in!

Couldn't resist these cute little shots!

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