Mail Call

Eli has been surprised twice in the last week by special deliveries from Grandma! The first package was full of Mr. Men/Little Miss books and Eli loved them. We had to sit right down and read them all of course. His favorite is Mr. Chatterbox...wonder why?!!!!!

Then a few days later he got another package. We could barely get in the door before he started ripping it open. Thomas cupcakes!!!!! It was about 20 minutes until dinner, but of course we had to make them right then and there. The packet included everything we needed to make the cakes and fun decorations as well. I managed to convince him that we'd bake them, eat dinner, and then eat the cupcakes (in that order). He complied and got to work as soon as he'd finished his last bite of food. Thanks Grandma for the yummy treat and the fun we had making them!!!

A leftover decoration we couldn't let go to waste!


Anonymous said...

So glad the packages went down well and I could make one very special little boy happy for a moment or two.

Look forward to chatting/skying this weekend.

Lots of love Grandma xxxxx

Sara said...

How fun! I get excited whenever I get something in the mail, I can only imagine the excitement of a two year old as he opens his treasures!