You Do The Math

Big boy underwear + Stickers + Skittles = Sleeping in toddler bed?????

Not sure exactly what happened, but we set out to potty train and instead accomplished switching from crib to toddler bed! Now you have to understand that Eli LOVES his crib! He would request to get in there just to hang out and play during the day. His safe haven I guess! But the Monday we started potty training, he sat on his bunk bed for stories and didn't protest when I laid him down for nap there. In the past, he adamantly requested his crib and refused to sleep in his bunk bed (which has been in his room for almost a year now), but on Monday all that changed. Each sleep time I held my breath waiting for him to request his crib, but he didn't. On Saturday, Grant took it down and there wasn't much concern about it! Now we have a fun table and chair set in there to play with along with his bunk bed. I'll post pictures of his new "big boy room" once I've repainted the table and chairs.

Update on the potty training - we are back in diapers. I'm not too worried. It was a valiant effort and Eli did great, he just doesn't know when he needs to go, so we are going to take a break until he's a bit more ready. Also, after filling up his whole potty chart in just 3 days (remember the skittles motivation?) we realized it was going to be quite expensive if he got a new train engine every time he filled up a chart! Who knew Gordon cost $21!!!!!!

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