I'm Not Sure I'm Ok With This!

I mentioned that I would post photos of the table and chairs that I refinished for Eli's room and here it is finally! I painted them to match the kitchen hutch that I refinished for him at Christmas time (see photo below). The whole set was built by my Great Grandpa for my Aunt, then passed down to me, and now gives Eli tons of fun!

I also took a few more photos so you could see his new "big boy room" although I am hesitant to call it that, cause I'm just not sure that I'm ready to accept that he is turning into one! It is hard to miss (size 9 shoes, talking my ear off, hearing "no, I do it!" all day long) but still sad just the same. The only consolation is the snuggly morning and pre-bed times that I get that remind me that he still needs me!


Mindy said...

How cute Jaime! You are so creative! I'm hesitant to call him a "big boy" too...because that means that MY little one is becoming a big girl. :( Gotta' love those pre-bed snuggles.

daniella said...

I like it! Charlie is coveting the little hutch.

Jana said...

Holy smokes! Emma is wearing size 9 right now. The curtains turned out great!!!!