And the Winner Is....

Grant Tyler!!! Well, not exactly, but I have to pass out the kudos to my stud muffin hubby who completed his first official half marathon last Sunday in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 33 seconds. He beat the goal he'd set for himself and was still standing at the end so I count that as a victory! Our good friends Rob and Heidi ran as well while Papa, Nana, Eli and myself supported our runners by getting a coffee and scone and cheering them on at the finish line (hey, we weren't the ones in training!). Later that day as we were discussing the run Grant says, "maybe I'll do a marathon next year". I'm gonna need a Venti coffee for that race!

A little pre-run warmup


and After!

Can't forget the post-run stretching!

That Sunday was also our anniversary. I think I mentioned previously that the traditional anniversary gift for 6 years is candy/sugar. We exchanged presents that morning but waiting to break into our stash until that evening when we put Eli to bed and curled up on the couch to watch a few shows we'd that's romantic!

(no this is not a candy store...these are our presents!)

Apple cider, apple donuts, apple fritters, apple pies...

Our play group headed to Apple Hill last Friday for some yummy treats and lots of fun! Eli and I (dressed in long pants and sleeves) were greeted with sunny weather and tons of people when we arrived. As our group began to gather Eli immediately clung to Haylie (his new best friend) and they had a great time playing in the dirt! They were running, rolling and sliding on the dirt hill right next to the lovely clean grass where we were sitting! We celebrated four October birthdays with cupcakes and of course had to sample a few different apple goodies. They also had a little pumpkin farm area that was great for some fall pictures. After a long day of playing and eating Eli fell asleep almost before we could get out of the parking lot.

Our Lil' Pumpkin

This evening we took a quick trip to the local pumpkin farm to explore, burn off some energy and pick up a few more fall decorations. Eli was having a great time rearranging their displays and pulling around the wagon full of gourds. He even took a little time out for a pony ride.

6 Years and Counting!

Grant and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary this coming Sunday! We were able to sneak a way a little early to spend some Eli-free time with each other. What a treat! After deciding that we should focus on doing things that prove difficult or impossible to do with Eli in tow we settled on a beautiful location where we could hike, relax, go out to dinner and to the movies! Two nights away meant two mornings of sleeping in and two days of doing what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it.

These pictures are of our 10 mile hike on Sunday (5 miles up, 5 miles down). with a few glitches right off the bat (I tripped and nearly headed down the side of the trail. Grant got stung by some sort of flying insect) we found a good pace and enjoyed the scenery, fresh air and conversation. About 3/4 of the way up we also saw a wild goat on the path. I wasn't quick enough with the camera for that one!

On our actual anniversary Grant will be running in a 1/2 marathon with a couple friends and we'll exchange our "traditional anniversary gifts" (year 6 is sweets/candy). I'd like to say I will share my sweets with you but chances are they'll be gone in one day!

Fashion Safari

This morning I decided to go through Eli's closet to make sure all his current sized clothes were easily accessible. Eli thought it was a great time for a fashion show. He proceeded to try on several different combinations, including many items that were way too small, and then settled on his pj top and next summer's swim trunks...but what shoes would complete this outfit? The water shoes were too small, so he found the next best thing; his rain boots! He paraded around in all his mismatched glory, tags included, quite proud of his choices!

When I saw his ensemble, it immediately made me think of going on a safari for some reason. Then I stopped and laughed because I'm not sure what type of safari requires brightly colored clothes and wading boots. Maybe one in Florida?!

Bouncin' Fools

I have found the perfect place for my little energetic monkey! Our playgroup met at Bounceopolis this last Friday and Eli loved it! The last time we were there, he wasn't quite ready for all the bouncing fun, but this time was definitely different. Before I could even get my shoes off, he had climbed into one of the bounce houses and was bouncing away with his friend Haylie. Between friends, lunch and bouncing, it kept his attention for over 3 hours! I think he would have stayed longer if I hadn't insisted that it was nap time (for me and him)!

Nursing 101

A few months back we gave in and bought a digital thermometer because it was useless trying to get Eli to sit still long enough to get an accurate reading from the old ones. A few weeks ago Eli felt very hot and when we took his temperature we realized it was broken...stuck at 94.3 degrees. So when Eli wanted to play with the "beep-beep" I handed it over figuring he couldn't do it any more damage. After a minute or two of pressing buttons he found a patient of his own! I came around the corner to find him giggling while taking our cat's temperature. He even knew that it was supposed to go in her ear! Yet another moment of amazement at the amount of things our "little sponges" take in and then mimic.

The unsuspecting (sleeping) patient

First attempt at getting a reading

Don't the say laughter is the best medicine?

Better check Daddy just in case its contagious!

Not exactly a Computer Wiz!

I have had it with computers today! I decided to try a few new backgrounds to see how they'd look and somewhere in the process I've lost my old one. Lame! I am trying to get it back but until them, enjoy the simplicity that my blog brings you today! :)