Nursing 101

A few months back we gave in and bought a digital thermometer because it was useless trying to get Eli to sit still long enough to get an accurate reading from the old ones. A few weeks ago Eli felt very hot and when we took his temperature we realized it was broken...stuck at 94.3 degrees. So when Eli wanted to play with the "beep-beep" I handed it over figuring he couldn't do it any more damage. After a minute or two of pressing buttons he found a patient of his own! I came around the corner to find him giggling while taking our cat's temperature. He even knew that it was supposed to go in her ear! Yet another moment of amazement at the amount of things our "little sponges" take in and then mimic.

The unsuspecting (sleeping) patient

First attempt at getting a reading

Don't the say laughter is the best medicine?

Better check Daddy just in case its contagious!


daniella said...

That is so funny! You're right, their branes are like super Ninja sponges; did I tell you that Charlie knows how to use my make-up and brushes? Yeah, she knows blush, lipstick, and eye shadow. I guess she really is my daughter even though she looks nothing like me.

LOOOOVE the new layout and blog title!!!!! Woot, Woot for (H)aime!

Mindy said...

Good thing it wasn't a rectal thermometer! I don't think Greavsie OR Grant would have been so eager to play patient. :)