And the Winner Is....

Grant Tyler!!! Well, not exactly, but I have to pass out the kudos to my stud muffin hubby who completed his first official half marathon last Sunday in 1 hour, 37 minutes and 33 seconds. He beat the goal he'd set for himself and was still standing at the end so I count that as a victory! Our good friends Rob and Heidi ran as well while Papa, Nana, Eli and myself supported our runners by getting a coffee and scone and cheering them on at the finish line (hey, we weren't the ones in training!). Later that day as we were discussing the run Grant says, "maybe I'll do a marathon next year". I'm gonna need a Venti coffee for that race!

A little pre-run warmup


and After!

Can't forget the post-run stretching!

That Sunday was also our anniversary. I think I mentioned previously that the traditional anniversary gift for 6 years is candy/sugar. We exchanged presents that morning but waiting to break into our stash until that evening when we put Eli to bed and curled up on the couch to watch a few shows we'd that's romantic!

(no this is not a candy store...these are our presents!)

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Travis, Bethany, and Savannah said...

Congrats Grant! Travis ran a half marathon a couple years ago and was almost dead at the end - I know what an accomplishment it is to finish. You guys look better than I do after running 1 mile!