Fashion Safari

This morning I decided to go through Eli's closet to make sure all his current sized clothes were easily accessible. Eli thought it was a great time for a fashion show. He proceeded to try on several different combinations, including many items that were way too small, and then settled on his pj top and next summer's swim trunks...but what shoes would complete this outfit? The water shoes were too small, so he found the next best thing; his rain boots! He paraded around in all his mismatched glory, tags included, quite proud of his choices!

When I saw his ensemble, it immediately made me think of going on a safari for some reason. Then I stopped and laughed because I'm not sure what type of safari requires brightly colored clothes and wading boots. Maybe one in Florida?!


daniella summers said...

I want to eat him!...or put him in my pocket. So cute!!!!

johnsmith said...
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