If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

Not sure if everyone is familiar with that children's book, but I have often said that that is my mom's and my life theme. Well, it must be catching because two weeks ago Grant decided to make a list. It all started with me repainting the table and chair set for Eli's room (see post below). I like to think I must have inspired him because he then set out to accomplish all those annoying things that you think about doing, but just never do, or projects that were started but not finished. One task led to another and the following list got completed:

~ paint Eli's table and chairs
~ find place to store Eli's crib
~ buy plywood to place under mattress for more support
~ get rid of king box springs on Craigslist
~ clean out garage
~ buy/install cabinet for above toilet
**while looking at cabinets at Lowe's, Grant says how nice the white cabinet would look against painted walls**
~ paint bathroom walls (my job, by the way!)
~ shop for/purchase night stands and dresser

Just about the only thing we would have liked to have done but didn't get to, was sand and repaint our ledge between the living room and the dining room. I guess we'll put that on the next list..."If you give a moose a muffin"

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