Things I Learned:

Last week we were able to watch our friends' two children, so they would be able to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We had a great time, are totally exhausted and feel really bad for anyone that has triplets and starts with three right off the bat. But other than that, here are a few very important things I discovered:

1. Meal time, bath time, play time...pretty much everything is messier in 3's!

2. Eli & Haylie CAN love each other a little too much! By the end of the week they couldn't stand to be apart, but couldn't really handle being together either!

3. A never ending trail of sippy cups is inevitable.

4. It is exhausting repeating instructions three times for everything.

5. Sometimes its OK to serve Mac n' Cheese and green beans twice in one week and call them balanced meals.

6. I can handle anything as long as I get "nap time" every day.

7. Costco is perfect for larger families. Huge carts to contain children and samples; what more could you need on a LONG Sunday afternoon?

8. Chaos always feels better while drinking Diet Coke and eating gummi candy

9. Anytime an adult jumps around, acts silly or plays in the sprinklers it lifts every one's spirits!!!

10. While I am so thankful for the 1 on 1 time I get with Eli every day, I think we could handle a few long as they come one at a time!


The Runner Bunch said...

Thanks again! We are forever grateful! :)

Sara said...

"3. A never ending trail of sippy cups is inevitable"... even with two kids, I don't know how its possible! You guys are awesome to watch the Runner kids! I loved your list by the way :)