Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, and Gatorade...

This is a guest blog so I apologize if you were expecting a fun post from Jaime about Eli, but I thought I should let you know about the weekend away I had with 4 close friends (Rob, Micah, Matt, and Brad), to a Men's Conference at Hume Lake.

The weekend started Thursday afternoon when we all piled into a small SUV with all our gear as we headed down 99 on the 5 hour trip. Hume Lake is a place where Jaime and I like to visit a couple of times a year, and I was really looking forward to sharing the blessing with the guys, who for the most part haven’t been there since high school days (vivid memories flooded back the entire weekend).

We checked in late Friday night, which entailed getting our name badges, and then headed for the evening snack and possible sign up for optional activities (paintballing, high adventure, mountain biking, etc). Once we were all in the queue to sign up for all these extra activities, we all came to the same conclusion that we could probably just make do with all the ‘free’ activities, which we didn’t quite realize at the time but was a decision that we were going to be thankful for during the next two days!

Over the next two days, our schedule was set with Breakfast, Morning Meeting, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Meeting, and Evening Activity (Comedian/A cappella Group). The only thing left to do was work out how we could cram as many ‘free’ activities as possible into the other open slots. Did I mention we are 5 guys, averaging 30 years old and are still as competitive as when we were 18!

Friday and Saturday saw the following take place:

Two games of Kajabe Can-Can
Four rounds of Disc Golf
Basketball Tournament (1st place)
Horseshoe Tournament (2nd place)
Dodge ball Tournament (1st place)
A hike around the lake
Four games of Volleyball

Thankfully no-one got injured but we were all hurting on the ride home Sunday afternoon, but needless to say the only thing that kept us going throughout the weekend was...

Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears and Gatorade!!!

As for the actual conference itself, I think we all took something away from the speakers and saw our friendships grow – what a blessing it is when you can compete and make fun of each other on the Disc Golf Course, and then later that day have you arm around them worshipping God together!

Guest Writer (Grant)


The Runner Bunch said...

Cute post Grant!! Thanks for updating the girls. I quizzed Micah about what you all did so this was a good supplement to what he shared. :) Glad you all had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds manic to me. Missed talking to you last weekend but pleased you had fun. Hope to catch up with you all on Sunday (at rugby on Saturday). LOL Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Nicely done...made me tired just reading it. =) Jen