Last Sunday we ventured out to the Model Rail Faire in Roseville. My Dad and Eli were most excited, and the rest of us just enjoyed the weather and the yummy lunch at The Habit afterwards!!! It was pretty amazing to see all the intricate little (sometimes huge) train sets with all the trimmings. Eli was most fascinated by the real working mini steam engines, riding the train below and getting to drive a model train all by himself. My Dad was dreaming of where and how he could set up a permanent working model train at their house and Grant and I were laughing at the fact that 90% of the people there were men over the age of 75!!!

Eli "Chuggin'" with his right arm

Before the train left the station


Mindy said...

That train is a midget train! Made for fairies, or leprechauns, or umpalumpas. Grant looks like Goliath on that thing. :)

Aw, the things daddies do for their kiddos!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who like they were enjoying the most?!?! I think grandmas could take to a ride also - what fun. Paula xxx