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This a bit "Benjamin Button-ish" I realize (working backwards for those that don't know the story) but I came across these pictures of Christmas Eve and wanted to post them. I figured you wouldn't mind! This Christmas Eve was an extra special day for our family. We spent the morning at my parents' house putting together "goodie" bags that we'd planned to hand out to the homeless on Christmas morning. Eli had a blast running around the living room placing (sometimes throwing) the items into the bags until they were stuffed with food, toiletries, etc. and then we closed them up with a candy cane and message about our Savior. That evening we attended the Christmas Eve service at our church as a family and then had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at my parents' house afterwards. What an amazing day!

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Mindy said...

1. Love the Benjamin Button reference. :D

2. Eli's hair is getting so dark!

3. I LOVE that first family photo...you all look gorgerous!

4. Sweet Naomi...did you make that star on her shirt???

5. I love me some Tylers! :)