It is incredibly hard to believe that our little boy just turned 2!!! Or as he would say when asked how old he is "...2...5...2!" (his favorite number sequence as of late?!)

Eli's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year so we spent the day celebrating; Jamba Juice with Daddy, playgroup with friends and then presents and cake with Nana, Papa and our friend Heidi. He really got it this year, that the day was for him, which made it so much fun! He had been practicing his rendition of Happy Birthday the week prior so he was ready when the time came.

Waiting Not-so patiently for our birthday Jamba

How many kids can you cram in one box?

The next rock star?

Still celebrating...

Although we originally said we wouldn't have a party for him until he was old enough to really know what was going on, we quickly realized that he does know and love his friends and certainly likes to party so we invited his friends (and ours) from our bible study and hung out at Chuck E. Cheese on the Saturday following. We made the mistake of telling him we were going there and that we'd have "George" (monkey) cupcakes earlier in the week so of course he kept asking about it all week long. When the time finally came Eli was so excited that he wouldn't even eat lunch. He played games and ran around until we called him over for cupcakes. He wanted to dive right in but as soon as we started singing he joined the chorus and sang to himself before blowing out the candle and devouring the cupcake. What a silly little monkey. And for all you concerned parents and grandparents...we did finally get him to eat a piece of pizza in the car on the way home. That was after two cupcakes and two lolly pops, however!!!

Ping Pong toss

Ski Ball tournament with Eli & Abby

Eli's all time favorite game..."push, broom hockey" (aka air hockey)

Mama's culinary creation "George cu-cakes"

Yum...I've been waiting all week!

None of the kids were shy

Best Buds...chocolate faces and all!

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daniella said...

He joined in on singing Happy Birthday to himself: that's AWESOME! He really is such a cute little monkey. Happy Birthday Eli!