Happy Mother's Day to You....

A pre-Mother's Day conversation:

Grant: Eli, what should we get mommy for Mother's Day?
Eli: cupcake
Grant: You want to get mommy a cupcake for Mother's Day?
Eli: Cupcake...and..."happy birthday to you"...whew (pretending to blow out candles)
Grant: I don't think Mommy will make herself cupcakes...

We did end up having cupcakes in honor of Mother's Day (yes I baked them), but we also had a wonderful morning starting with breakfast out, a tour of the Amador Flower Farm (apparently with all the cool weather, the lilies weren't in bloom yet, but we had a great time anyways), a stop off at Sobon Winery to do some tasting and purchasing and then we were supposed to have a picnic, but we were too stuffed from breakfast. We opted for some "Nemo" viewing instead and then headed home to put Eli down for a nap while we had our postponed picnic in our own backyard. It was such a beautiful day and being outdoors was the perfect way to spend it. Thanks Eli and Grant for a day of pampering and fun!

A Mom, a Mama & a Monkey

Eli moving a large rock

Nana and Eli watching the "Nemos" swimming

Nana & Papa


daniella said...

And who else would have baked the cupcakes, hun? Once a mom, always a mom.

Happy (beleated) Mother's day to you! You're one of my fave's :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great day. You will have to take Trevor and I to the winery for some tasting - sound like fun. Speak at weekend. LOL Paula xxx