Did someone hear angels?

Before I tell you a story from today, let me fill you in on previous haircut attempts. Yes, I did say attempts because we usually leave the place with part of his hair un-cut. The last three times we have tried to get Eli's hair cut it hasn't been pretty. It always starts with him freaking out because of the smock and then getting even more upset when he is "icky" (itchy) due to the fact that he won't wear the smock. It usually progresses to crying, snot, hair stuck to the tears and snot as he wipes it across his face, clawing me, trying to climb out of the seat, shaking his head side to side to keep his hair from getting cut, turning his face away from the hair dresser and finally me giving in and paying for half a hair cut just to stop the "torture"! I even tried a lollipop, chocolate milk, Jamba juice and cupcake (all on different occasions) to distract him but the hair just sticks to the lollipop and cupcake making him more upset, while the Jamba juice drips down his face as he cries. I wish I had pictures to show but I'm pretty sure I would be reported if caught taking pictures of my child in this state!

Well today, my friends, was a totally different story! I thought that I might have heard angels singing as Eli was getting his hair cut. I decided to try a children's salon called Jack n Jillybean when another mom sympathized with my horror stories and told me her secret. This place is amazing!!!! I've been prepping Eli for a few weeks now so he was definitely ready. It was like psyching him up for a big game or something. This is what our "pep talk" would entail:

Me: Eli, guess what?
Eli: Ohhhhh!
Me: You're going to get a hair cut soon! And what happens when you get a hair cut?
Eli: Drive race car
Me: That's right, and what else?
Eli: Watch cartoon
Me: That's right, and what do you get at the very end of your hair cut?
Me: Yeah!!!!!!

And that's pretty much exactly how it went! He drove a firetruck, watched cartoons and got a fabulous hair cut! There was only one moment when a flicker of concern flashed in his eyes but a ring of the fire engine bell was all he needed to be distracted. They even have a great play area with a train table and other toys for the kids to play with (Mom's can get their hair cut too while kids play!). One purple lollipop later, Eli was a happy camper with a super cute, summer do!


The Squires Family said...

We LOVE this place! Abby and Jacob have been getting their hair cut there for a while now and it's great! Cute new 'do Eli!

daniella said...

Oh, the joys of having a boy. Thanks for the tips, I'll remember in a year or two :-)