What Was I Thinking?

So, here I sit thinking, "I should blog, but I don't have anything to blog about" when all of a sudden, I realized that I totally forgot to post some of the best pictures ever! How could I do that? We had family photos and Eli's 2 year photos taken about 2 months ago (http://www.sandyrunner.com/)and I have been so excited to use them to create a new mantel display and also a new wall display that I completely forgot to blog them! So, without further ado:

True personality captured!

Sweet moment with Daddy

Our little "Gee-tar" Man

Thanks Sandy for these amazing shots and for giving me so much to work with in my attempt at redecorating!!


daniella said...

They sure are (amazing)!

I like the one of everyone's feet. And look how long your hair got, I like it! I say your best cuts are the really short (chin length) or long. Then again, not very many people can pull off the inbetween stage. I look awful in those stages because I have such a long neck.

Mindy said...

How beautiful! You guys make such a good looking family. I agree with Daniella, the foot shot is so clever! Also, the shot with Daddy and Eli is just too sweet. Love it! Sandy is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics - cannot wait to get my own copies but more so to see you all in person - 2 weeks to go - yeh. Lots of love as always Paula xxx