It's Been A Long Time...

It feels like lately we've been moving at a much quicker pace than is healthy, but I have managed to capture a little bit of it on film (or ummm, digital memory? )

Eli is even more energetic and has turned into quite a dare-devil who exerts his independence regularly (or as one might say...stubborn)! We spent last week up at Hume Lake with Grandma and Trevor (visiting from England) and then Nana and Papa joined us towards the end of our stay. Eli is obsessed with all things sport/games and insists on learning them all! He has developed such a silly sense of humor and never ceases to amaze me!

Eli learning ping pong w/ Nana

Practicing his swing

taking a break from sports to honk his nose

first ride on the motor cycle

touring Historic Folsom w/ Grandma & Trevor

beating the heat with ice cream

"Gee-tar" man lives on and continues to evolve (hat and make-shift guitar; real one was at home)

A Few Eli-isms:

~ One day last week I fixed my hair (blow dried, straightened) which doesn't happen a whole lot and Grant was calling me "hot mama" around Eli because he knew that eventually Eli would repeat it and he thought that would be funny. So Eli did finally catch on and this is how it went:

Eli: "Mama, no hot Mama"
Me: "I'm not a hot Mama?"
Eli: "No Mama not hot Mama...Mama regular Mama!"

Apparently I only fall in the "regular" category as far as 2 year olds are concerned!

~ Eli repeats practically everything we say and has even picked up a few words from Grandma while she's been here. This afternoon I noticed he was using a new word: 'actually'. Quite the word for a two year old! Here's an example of how he used it in a sentence -

"...actually, Eli have some lemonade."

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