Do not attempt to arrange alphabet cards on less than 6 hours of sleep!!! Every so often I'd glance up and realize that the letters were not quite in the right order (even though they came in a stack that was in order). That certainly might hinder Eli's ability to learn the alphabet!

Anyways, if you happened to be up early this morning (or have google reader) I posted about this earlier, but then the post reminded me of these adorable alphabet cards I purchased at Michael's months ago with the intent of hanging them on Eli's wall, so here is my updated post:

"The Letter of the Week"

The ABC song has been on Eli's mind lately (when he's not singing "Guitar Man", that is!) and he has become very observant and loves to point out whenever he sees letters. That is quite often, as he seems to notice the letters on every single sign, picture, book, etc. that we come across. The first letter he can recognize and knows by name is the letter 'O'. He gets sooooo excited when he sees an 'O' and immediately shouts "oh, I see 'O'"! or "oh, oh, there's an 'O'"! like he's just won the lottery or something. And usually the discovery is then followed by "what those letters say mama?" I just continue to be in awe of how his little mind works and I wonder what triggers these obsessions?! :)

So, when I remembered about the alphabet cards, I hung them up a wall in his bedroom while he was playing and so he didn't know they were there. Later I was changing his diaper and he stopped mid sentence and said, "oh, those letters right there! I go check it out!!!" He hopped down and was so excited about these new letters that just magically appeared on his wall that he was doing a little dance (spin around, plop down, repeat). And wouldn't you know it? The first letter he points out is 'O'! After looking at all the pictures, singing the ABC song and pointing out all the O's he could find it was time for us to go. As we left his room he waved at the alphabet and said, "Good-bye cards. Good-bye 'O'. See you later 'O'!"

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