{Snow Hotel}

A few weeks ago we had the great opportunity, thanks to some awesome friends, to spend a few days in Tahoe. We hadn't been to North Shore in years and Eli has been begging to go to the snow, so we jumped at the chance! We could not have ordered up a more perfect location, weather, baby (she slept like a gem all snuggled in her pack-n-play in our bathroom!)...etc! Pops was here visiting so it was nice to be able to take him out of Folsom and enjoy the fresh mountain air. We only spent 2.5 days away, but it was so relaxing and fun that it was super refreshing. Here's a few pictures but I warn you, they might make you jealous! :)

Eli was so excited to see snow that he just climbed on and played in it wherever it was, even just the planters outside our room

the accommodations

first order of business: snowball fights!

Eli decided the best defense was to just turn around and stick his bottom out!

But then he got a bit more brave!

The "Snow King"

We came, we slid, we conquered!!!

My handsome man...love those blues!

Grant's version of the ski lift

Not quite as brave but still a ton of fun!

Naomi was not so fond of the snow...

but did let Grant sled with her down a bunny run!

Eli was calling our hotel the "Snow Hotel" because that's what his friends call the place they go when they stay in the snow. As we were leaving I said to Eli, "Say goodbye to the snow hotel!". He looked at me and said, "We're leaving?!" and I replied, "Yea, we're going back home". You could tell he was trying to be brave and keep a straight face but his eyes got all filled up with tears and he whispered, "bye, bye".


Mindy said...

"Grant's version of the ski lift" HAHAHAHA! That's awesome.

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time. :D Miss ya.

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