Naw, Naw, Naw....ooooooooohhhhh!

Naw (pronounced like jaw with an 'n') is Eli's new way of communicating. We are not sure what it means other than he wants/needs something specific and he keeps saying it louder and louder until you figure it out. Once you figure it out, it is usually followed by an excited oooooooohhhh, and sometimes a little dance.
On our outing to the Vacaville Outlets yesterday Eli spotted a kiddie ride outside one of the shops. He utilized his new word while Daddy searched his pocket for quarters. Once on the ride however, he decided it was a little more than he'd bargained for and quickly wanted off!
I don't think I like this

I REALLY don't like this!

Don't be fooled, this is not on the way home, but on the way to the outlets!


Mindy said...

Oh my, I guess little Eli and Grandpa Jack are just having waaaaaay too much fun for their own good. They get sleepy just anticipating a fun day of shopping in Vacaville!!!! :) So glad you posted the pictures...Eli will laugh at himself being afraid of that little ride when he's all grown up. Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

This picture is very funny. I can totaly picture my dad and Isaiah sleeping in the back seat. Good stuff.