May Day

Happy May Day! While I realize that it is already 10pm on May 1st, I still wanted to share a family tradition that I had with my mom. (to be honest, I just realized it was May 1st when I saw a date stamp on another blog, or I would have posted this earlier...yeah for Mommy Brain!)

When I was growing up, every May 1st, my mom and I would make paper cones and then pick flowers from our yard to put in the cones and secretly hang them on neighbors' door nobs. I don't remember if we included a message or not, but I remember how exciting it was to leave something so fun and pretty for someone else to find!

Thinking about May Day, it reminded me that I need to be intentional with Eli as he grows up, keeping family traditions and creating new ones. Some of the best memories I have from my childhood, are just simple, yet special, activites that we did together as family!

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The Runner Bunch said...

Soooo cute - I love family traditions - I really want to be intentional about starting and keeping them also. This is a good one we may just have to adopt!