Hooray for Pops!

Eli's Pops arrived on Wednesday evening from England! It was very exciting to pick him up at the train station since we haven't seen him since Christmas and Eli greeted him with a big smile. He has only been here for two days but we've had tons of fun already and can't wait to have more. We have lots of excursions planned like going to the zoo. Eli giggles at Pops' funny faces and seems surprised to see him each morning with a look of..."you're still here?". We are looking forward to spending the next few weeks with him.

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Mindy said...

I missed seeing you guys yesterday! Christine and I were suffering with our allergies. :( I think grandpa Jack should be a regular at our mommy's groups...we are getting lots of great group shots! I saw Sandy's picture on her blog. Jack...want to stay???? You are quite the photographer!