Has Anyone Seen My Baby?

I have been dragging my feet for weeks, even months, to get Eli's hair cut. We gave him a "do-it-yourself" version a few months ago. Let's just say I was less than impressed. Mostly because it was so sad to cut off all his crazy hair! So I decided to surprise Grant and took him to get his hair cut at Tangles (a bit sketchy with a 'gangsta' barber!) yesterday. He was completely still and just chewed on his blankie. I think he might have been in shock and a bit scared of the man cutting his hair! :) Although its a bit short in the back, he now can be cool for the summer, and it looks much cleaner. The only problem is, he now looks like a little boy and no longer my baby!


The Runner Bunch said...

He looks so cute but you're right it does make him look older - what a big boy! I can't believe he was so good for the barber - Haylie still squirms and cries the whole time!

Sara said...

Great cut! I especially loved the doo last night, he looked so adorable with the spikes.