"Actually...I Don't Need a Bag"

This is the saying I have been practicing all week! Its not easy to remember to do and inevitably I remember after they have already bagged my items! I'm pretty sure I'll never grace the cover of a Green Mommy mag for my efforts to save the planet, but I have been feeling lately like I should be doing my part. I'm not sure if its because I spend more time at home, running errands, changing diapers and therefore produce more visible waste than before, but I have really been trying to figure out what I can do to make a difference.

The one thing that jumped out to me immediately is using reusable shopping bags. It may seem more like a hassle than its worth (I forgot my bags! My bags are in the car!), but with convenient bags popping up everywhere, why not? Enter the Flip and Tumble bags.

My good friend Christine over at From Dates to Diapers had shown me one of these great bags a while back and just recently shared one with me (Thanks a bunch Christine). I had been eyeing them online and was excited to get to try one out. They are light weight, squish up into this great little pouch (just leave in your purse!) and are durable and hold what a normal plastic grocery bag would...what's not to love? And they double as a great toy to keep Eli busy while in his car seat or the shopping cart (folded into the ball, not undone as a choking hazard)!

A few other fun things I've discovered in my challenge to help out Mother Earth is that Winco will credit you a few cents per bag you bring in and Trader Joe's will enter you into a monthly drawing just for using your own bags (prize is one of their own reusable bags with $25 worth of groceries in it).

Don't worry I won't be lecturing you all on becoming more eco friendly or shaking my fingers at those using plastic bags but here's something to think about: What's one small thing I can change or do that will help leave the earth/environment in better shape for our kids? (aside from being the best, loving mommies on the planet)


Christine said...

I am so glad you like your Flip & Tumble bag!

I just put your button up!! :-)

Monica said...

Amen sister! :) We've been using re-usable bags for over a year now. And the hard part *is* remembering.

I think just forming some routine helps a lot. I figured out for us, that as soon as I unload the groceries into the cupboards & refrigerator I immediately take the bags back to my car. That way they're always there. Even on an impromptu run.

We use the Trader JOe's bags everywhere. They're so cute & colourful! And they also work great for the beach. :)