An Invaluable Moment

There have been a handful of times in my life when God has allowed me to see things with a bit more clarity; taking away a layer of earthly muck you might say. It would be easy to say its just a "realization" or a "greater appreciation" but I know that my God has given me these moments to allow me a little glimpse of how He sees things.
Driving home Thursday afternoon from playgroup was one of those times. As I merged onto the freeway, sticky from the afternoon heat, the air conditioning blasting and Eli nodding off in the back seat it hit me...this is my job! As this amazing peace and joy washed over the whole car I had this incredible feeling of gratefulness that God allows me to spend my days with Eli, in all his craziness, watching him grow, discover, play, laugh, love...the list never ends. At that moment I was reminded that there is nothing more valuable on this earth than God's blessings and its all too easy to get caught in life's dizzying pace and not even recognize them. How sad that our God created us, wants only the best for us, and then gets pushed aside day after day by none other than us.
If I could have stopped time and just sat there enjoying my sleepy little monkey, hair sweaty, face dirty and blankie hanging out of his mouth as his head bobbed, I would have gladly done so for hours. I have the best job in the world and I am so humble that God assigned me the task of taking care of one of his most precious creations!


Megan said...

I LOVE this picture of Eli! And how awesome that God gave you that moment to just sit and praise Him for the responsibilities He's set before you. We are all so lucky to be mommies!

The Runner Bunch said...

Definitely invaluable. I'm sure it makes God smile when we stop and finally get it. Eli looks so happy on the slide!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of Eli! That picture really shows his personality! By the way, can you post more pictures with Grant being a good dad so he can take some good natured ribbing? Maybe him wearing some kind of dorky #1 dad T-shirt? Or something like "I play football with my feet"?


Silly Lilly & Family said...

We are so blessed aren't we. God is so good to us, I'm with you on wanting to slow down and see His blessings and give Him the honor He desires for them.

Monica said...

Love this post Jaime. I couldn't agree more either.

What a blessing to be able to stay home with our kids. It *is* the most important job on earth. Ask your mom! A job well done to her as well. :)