Eli's Top Five!

It is funny to me how little ones get "hooked" on certain things from time to time and can't seem to get enough of whatever it is and then one day, they are on to something else. Eli is no exception! Here are his current "addictions":

5 - Water bottles with straws
4 - Balls
3 - Playing peek-a-boo (he hides himself with a blanket and then waits for someone to notice and say "Where's Eli?". I don't know how many times I've turned around to look at him in the car to find him sitting there with his blankie over his head!)
2 - pillows/blankets (he loves throwing himself down in to a soft pile)
1 - Ketchup (these days we can dip just about anything in ketchup and he'll eat it. Last night it was green beans)

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