Matchy Matchy

Lately I have been surprised to find (usually once we are out of the house) that Eli and I are matching! I'm sure you are thinking, 'don't you dress him?'. I do dress him, but because I get him ready first and then we play and do chores, I am not really thinking of what he has on by the time I get dressed. Apparently I must be attracted to a certain color scheme each day and dress us both accordingly! I usually feel a bit silly once I realize it, but Oh well, it makes for cute pictures.


It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

that's histarical. i do the same thing. but on the days when we clash i feel even more ridiculous when i consider changing.

Christine said...

This is an adorable picture! I think it is so cute to see you matching... You shouldn't feel silly at all!